Why have Hughie speak?

Because I have a story to tell...

I am an Australian who as a young person appeared to "have it all".

From a good home, the best school, enjoying the sun, surfing Australia's best beaches, an aspiring bodybuilder, what a life. Yet I was still deeply dissatisfied.

Then I learnt from a man about the second coming of Christ. I responded: No way will this interrupt my life. I've got it all why would I be interested. However something was missing.

With people today, whatever their lifestyle, something is missing. Young people, some with a privileged upbringing, many not so privileged, are caught up in a digital age with drugs, excess alcohol, declining morals, in an almost lost society. Many dissatisfied with life are looking for purpose and meaning.

So from a life of unbelief, I made a personal choice to believe in Christ.

I've got experiences to share. From choices I've made that have enriched my life and given me purpose and meaning. From choices that have given me great health and vitality. From choices I've made that have given me peace and contentment.

I care, or I wouldn't be doing this. I care about people. I care and encourage people to be the best version of themselves, and to follow Jesus as the path of wisdom and for success in life.

Email: hughie.aus@gmail.com Mobile: (Australia) 0412 620 579 (International) + 61 412 620 579