"Hughie is very effective in his knowledge and use of the word of God. I encourage pastors to use the services of this fine Australian Evangelist"

Dr W.A. Criswell, First Baptist Church, Dallas Texas

"I know Rev. Hughie Pitman as a man who loves the Lord Jesus Christ supremely. It is evidenced by his warm soul-winning heart. He has a desire to preach the gospel, which he does effectively and enthusiastically, and lead an individual to Christ... I encourage every Pastor or Youth Minister who is considering a series of meetings to consider using Hughie Pitman as an Evangelist or inspirational speaker."

Rev. Jim Wilson First Baptist Church. Beaumont, Texas

"...He conducted a revival here and it was the best attended series of meetings which have been held here in recent times. I commend him highly to any church."

Dr William R Marr, Pastor - First Baptist Church. Oviedo, Florida

I have been associated with Pastor Hughie Pitman through the Timpson area ministerial alliance. During this time I have grown to appreciate his all consuming passion for reaching the lost with the message of the great news of salvation through Jesus Christ alone. I had the privilage of hearing Pastor Hughie preach and was impressed with the enthusiasm and vitality and anointed power projected through his message. I know this man has a tremendous love for Jesus Christ. I would hardily recomend Hughie to anyone seeking an Evangelist for any kind of evangelical crusade

Jon Forrest Minister - Woodland Christian Church - Timson ministerial Alliance, Texas

"Hughie Pitman is an Evangelist with a passion to preach the gospel. His Heart's desire is to see lives changed by the power of God. I encourage you to use his gift of evangelism."

Dr Bill Newman, Bill Newman International Australia

16th of May 2006, New Beith Baptist Church Brisbane Australia

"Hughie is now a member of our church and is believed to be of good character and standing. He has covered for me in the pulpit on a number of occasions and is doctrinally sound. Hughie's messages are simple, biblically based, inspirational and captivating. He has a unique ability to keep a message current while making the pages of the bible come to life. As a gifted evangelist I have been impressed with the enthusiastic approach in his presentation of the gospel. His evangelistic giftedness and Gods anointing has been evidenced on numeerous occasions when individuals have responded to the gospel message. Please phone me with any questions you may have on 011 61 409 646368 or 011 61 7 3297 0326

Martin Scarce. Pastor, New Beith Baptist

Scholastic - Sporting

Football - Captain of 1st XV

H. Pitman,   Open , Breakaway : Again another very fast and consistent break-away who has been instrumental in causing most of the opponents back line  mistakes.

H. Pitman, (Captain) Open Breakaway : a very good  Captain with a fine sense of leadership on the playing field.

This ability to inspire the team was a great asset, especially in the Team’s darkest moments. Hughy’s tackling alone was responsible for the inability of the opposing backs to penetrate our line, for it was devastating. ....

Knox Grammar School records

Email: Mobile: (Australia) 0412 620 579 (International) + 61 412 620 579